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Nature in Bohinj

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Nature in Bohinj

Get a sense of a pure nature of Bohinj and its surroundings with rich flora and fauna.

Lake Bohinj in Autumn colorsLake Bohinj in winterGreen forests and high mountainsA views towards Mt. Triglav (2864 m)VogelLaz mountainTriglav, the highest mountain in SloveniaČrna prst (1844 m)A family hotel, hidden in pure natureWinters are cold with lots of snowGreen pastures and meadowsInhabitants of the mountain pasturesEdelweissTriglavska roža (Potentilla nitida)Alpska možina (Eryngium alpinum)Zoisova zvončica (Campanula Zoysii)Capricorn high in the mountainsCapercaillieStoatBlack Grouses


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Hotel STARE at Lake Bohinj

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